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Product Information

An intricately hand-inlaid wood veneer referencing Art Deco straw veneer. Ajiro Fanfare captures and reflects light beautifully. Micro‑thin wood on paper backing, Fanfare is flexible enough to wrap columns and turn corners. A cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional wood paneling, finished in our Chicago studio.





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Material: Wood Veneer

Price: $$$
  • Roll Size: 12 yd (10.8 m)
  • Width: 36" untrimmed (91.4 cm); 9 sq ft/yd (0.84 sq m/yd)
  • Minimum Order: 24 yd (21.9 m)
  • Increments: 3 yd (2.7 m)
  • Repeat: Approx. 6" w × 6" h (15.2 × 15.2 cm)
  • Flame Speed: ASTM E84 Class A
  • Backing: Paper
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Quick Facts

  • Rapidly renewable material 
  • Recycled content 
  • Heavy metal-free 
  • Formaldehyde-free 
  • Installs well with low-voc adhesive 

Environmental Data

  • Composition 
  • Fiber: abaca 
  • Thread: polyester and metallic foil threads 
  • Adhesive: water-based, formaldehyde-free, low-VOC glue 
  • Colorants: water-based, non-Azo dyes 
  • Backing: bleached white paper or Kraft paper; Kraft contains 80% recycled pulp, 20% virgin pulp 
  • Abaca, considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers, is rapidly renewable, 
  • biodegradable and eco-friendly. 
  • Abaca plants are grown by smaller co-op farms and are constantly harvested and replenished. 
  • Abaca plant grows up to twenty feet when mature. About 2 to 4 times a year the trunk is cut down 
  • above the roots to harvest the fibers. New sprouts will grow from the roots soon after cutting. 
  • Solar power is used in the processing of abaca fibers for Abacadazzle. 
  • Partial proceeds benefit Aid to Artisans* 

LEED Criteria

  • Wallcovering contains recycled content* (Kraft backing paper contains 100% pre-consumer 
  • recycled material−DZ-1669-S and DZ-2669-S backing paper contains 80%). 
  • Composite wallcovering contains 10% pre-consumer recycled material. 
  • (DZ-1669-S and DZ-2669-S composite wallcovering contains 8%) 
  • Rapidly renewing material used: abaca 
  • Wallcovering adhesive zero VOC: Maya Romanoff Clear Strippable Adhesive (MR-RA-888) 
  • Urea formaldehyde-free 
  • VOC Regulation Compliant Adhesive
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Click download to see full text installation instructions for Ajiro Fanfare.


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  • Before cleaning any product, we reccomend testing first on a small, inconspicuous area.
  • If necessary, many of our products may be cleaned by blotting the soiled area with a soft, clean cloth dampened with a weak solution of a mild liquid detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. Please contact Customer Service at 800.465.6909 to confirm that your wallcovering may be cleaned using this method.
  • Avoid getting the wallcovering excessively wet.
  • Do not use cleaners, solvents, or chemicals of any kind to clean Maya Romanoff products 


  • Wallcoverings made of fabric and natural grasses may be lightly vacuumed for normal dust accumulation.
  • Avoid direct, bright or reflected sunlight. Our wallcoverings are not guaranteed against fading or color change.
  • Maya Romanoff wallcovering materials are primarily formulated for dry-use areas.*
  • *Polyurethane can be applied to some of our products after installation to improve our products' retained beauty over time through increased resistance to occasional or light moisture. This coating is NOT a guarantee of waterproofing. We recommend testing first on a small, inconspicuous area. Maya Romanoff is not responsible for unsatisfactory results.
  • If a product requires more specific care and cleaning instructions, it will be noted on the product-specific installation instructions. Installation instructions come wrapped with every roll of shipped wallcovering and can also be downloaded from our website.
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