Wow With Wallcoverings in the Powder Room

Maya Romanoff

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Wow With Wallcoverings in the Powder Room

January 11 2017

For designers and homeowners alike, the powder room is often one of the most fun spots in the home to decorate. The space is small, so bold design won’t overwhelm, and it’s enclosed, meaning that a daring departure from the decor scheme in the rest of the home won’t marr the overall aesthetic. And of course, the element of surprise plays a role: a powder room is a functional space, which makes it unexpected and even more appreciated when the door opens to a dazzling jewel box instead of a standard-issue water closet.

Throughout the years some of the most beautiful spaces created with our wallcoverings have, in fact, been petite powder rooms no bigger than a few dozen square feet. Here is just a small sample of spaces we love. 

Our Mother of Pearl tiles cover a shimmering, shell-themed powder room by James Merrell, which garnered a spot in House Beautiful magazine.

It doesn't get more glamorous than brass accents against our equally-luminous Beadazzled Leaf wallcovering. 

A space by Sargeant Pillsbury Designs makes a statement with texture, mixing natural wood and stone finishes with our capiz shell Mother of Pearl wallcovering.

This powder room by Habachi Design is the perfect example of taking advantage of a small room to create a high-impact design. Here, it was done by using our black Abacadazzle Galactic wallcovering from floor-to-ceiling.

A neutral, understated space can make a strong statement too, a la this all-white powder room by Solis Betancourt & Sherrill.

Finally, designer Scott Laslie balanced out linear, hardworking subway tile with our organic, ethereal Weathered Metals wallcovering. 

For more photos of our wallcoverings used to beautiful effect in powder and bathrooms, visit our Houzz photo collection.