5 Unexpected Materials That Make the Most Beautiful Wallcoverings

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5 Unexpected Materials That Make the Most Beautiful Wallcoverings

September 26 2016 | Wallcoverings & Wallpaper

When you think of materials used for wallcoverings, things like paper, vinyl, and grasscloth are likely what jump to mind. While these options are certainly lovely and among the most popular choices for decorating walls, we’ve found that pushing the envelope and testing out new and unusual wallcovering materials can lead to the most unexpected, yet stunning, results.

Here are a few examples of materials you might be surprised to learn make up some of Maya Romanoff’s most popular collections.

Seashell Wallcoverings.

Capiz shells have many applications in interior design, from lighting to furniture facades, but using them as a wallcovering is one of the more surprising. We hand-inlay the shimmering, flat shell to create our Mother of Pearl and Flexi Mother of Pearl Collections.

capiz shell wallcovering

Wool Wallcoverings.

Talk about warming up a room. Our Blanket Yarn & Stitch collection is made out of a genuine wool blend fabric and embroidered with acrylic yarn. It’s soft, textural, and luxurious, and looks perfect when used in an office or den.  

wool wallcovering

Wood Veneer Wallcoverings.

.Wood paneling has always been popular in some form or another, but it’s not the only way to add a rustic, earthy touch to your home. As a wallcovering, thin wood veneer offers a sleeker effect, plus a wider variety of color and design options (including the seven different motifs that make up our Ajiro wood veneer collection).

wood veneer wall coverings

Aluminum and Copper Wallcoverings.

Hand-inlaid, copper and scoured aluminum tiles are the foundation for our True Metals collections. The wallcovering is patinad and coated with beeswax to preserve the finish and ensure it’s equal parts stylish and hardworking.

Glass Bead Wallcoverings.

One of the most unique materials we use when creating our wallcoverings (and the one that is also the most fun to hand-make), is glass beads. To create our Bedazzled line, glass beads in a variety of sizes and patterns are adhered over capiz shell veneer or nonwoven paper.

bedazzled wallcovering

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