The Story of Bravado

Maya Romanoff

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The Story of Bravado

January 13 2017

By and large, all of our products at Maya Romanoff start out as experiments. They’re tests of material, color, and process that are finessed and tweaked over and over until we pinpoint a combination that achieves the beauty and depth that is the hallmark of our brand. The products also must include the essential requirement of durability that is suitable both for elegant residences  and the busy corridors of Las Vegas Hotels alike.

Our latest collection, Bravado, is no different. The idea for the pattern and texture originally stemmed from an experiment with a clay-like compound that was hand-raked across backing panels to create a grid-style pattern. The results were captivating. However, after finding that the process was too time intensive to ever be replicated in high-quantities, and to ensure a hardwearing, high-quality surfacing material, the method had to be re-engineered.

The solution: creating a mold from the original clay-grids .After further development and testing, we came up with the version of Bravado that we launched late last year  The Bravado collection combines extraordinary durability with our handicraft techniques that preserve the imperfection and nuance of the initial method. 

We begin with an intricately and deeply embossed vinyl substrate that brilliantly replicates the original mold, it is then hand-painted with matte and metallic pigments. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the finished product comes from the final step in the process: the hand-applied color pools in the peaks and valleys of the grid in a way that gives it even greater depth and dimension, achieving  the luxurious look we’d imagined from the start.

Bravado is currently available in 11 colorways through our showrooms and local sales representatives. See the entire collection here.