The Beauty of Wood Veneer Wallcoverings

Maya Romanoff

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The Beauty of Wood Veneer Wallcoverings

December 08 2016

When you think of rooms with wood on the walls, do images of walnut-paneled libraries or shiplap-strewn beach cottages jump to mind? If so, It’s time to reconsider wood wallcoverings: The options don’t have to be quite so literal.

Our line of wood-veneer wallcoverings, Ajiro, offers the natural, organic beauty of wood with the streamlined, contemporary finish of wallpaper and the subtle texture of grasscloth.

The hand-inlaid patterns are made with micro-thin layers of wood adhered to a paper backing to create wallcoverings that are rich and intricate, but also surpisingly flexible. Ajiro paper can bend around columns, and even turn 90-degree corners without the risk of cracking or breaking. Ajiro also uses just a fraction of the wood required for traditional paneling, making it an eco-friendly option for LEED projects or environmentally-conscious clients. The Ajiro collection is offered more than 40 options, including seven patterns and up to eight colorways.

Intrigued? View the entire Ajiro collection and order samples here.