Showroom Spotlight: Dean Warren, Scottsdale

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Showroom Spotlight: Dean Warren, Scottsdale

November 30 2016

It’s no secret that the showrooms around the country that carry our wallcoverings are one of the most important parts of our business. They’re our direct line to the interior design trade, keeping us up on the latest trends and client feedback, and inspiring us with their impeccable taste and merchandising. In our new blog series, Showroom Showcase, we’ll be chatting with a new partner showroom each month, discussing things like regional trends, best-selling products, design inspiration, and more.

For our first post, we thought it only made sense to shine the spotlight on one of our newest partners, Dean Warren. The Arizona showroom might be new to us, but it's also one of the longest-standing and most-respected in the Phoenix area. We got a chance to speak to Dean Warren's showroom director, Chris Breedlove, about the style and story behind the space. 

Can you tell us a little about the history behind Dean Warren?

Dean Warren was established in 1988 by Jerry Dean Oden and Don Warren Roth. With the advent of the showroom, Dean Warren was the first showroom to bring high-end wholesale products to the Arizona market. Previous to that designers would have to travel to either Los Angeles or San Francisco.

What styles do you cater to?

Dean Warren was founded on traditional styles in fabric and furniture, but in 2005 Caroline Oden Wylie (Jerry’s only daughter) came on board as the new president. Over the period of years we have seen fewer requests for traditional styles and more of a transitional look. It seems to be what clients are asking for and based on this we are refocusing the showroom to offer those selections.

You’re one of our newest partner showrooms! How does Maya Romanoff fit into that plan?

Maya Romanoff certainly will help us cater to our needs with its fine collection of wallcoverings -- the look is up to date but it keeps with our high-end aesthetic. So far the response has been positive since the line is so well respected.

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