Cozy up to Hygge

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Cozy up to Hygge

January 03 2017

Each year seems to start off with a flurry of attention surrounding new trends and style perspectives that are set to rule the next twelve months. Because of the time and thought that goes into our collections, our style tends to be a bit more evergreen than on trend, but this year, one particular movement of the moment admittedly caught our eye when it was recently profiled by the New York Times. It’s called Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah), which means “Cozy” in Danish. And if you’ve followed our social channels, stopped by our showrooms, or visited us at trade shows recently, then you’ve probably got an inkling as to why.

Hygge is essentially a Danish decorating style--almost a lifestyle, really-- that embraces all things soft, fuzzy, and dimly lit, and its English translation, Cozy, also happens to the the name of our brand new collection. Our version of Cozy is exactly what the name brings to mind: a heathered wool wallcovering collection that’s soft, warm, and enveloping. It was inspired by our equally Hygge-conjuring Blanket collection, and like its predecessor, was created in collaboration with renowned designer David Rockwell.

While we’ve always been convinced of Cozy’s aesthetic attributes, but according to the Times’ piece, it may also offer another benefit that has far higher stakes. The Denmark-based Happiness Institute credits a dedication to Hygge with the fact that Denmark consistently ranks among the happiest countries in the world -- and other countries are quickly taking note. Britain’s “The Collins Dictionary” names Hygge one of its top words of 2016, and “The Little Book of Hygge” will be released stateside this month.

Ready to do your part to spread Hygge nationwide? Contact your sales rep to order samples of Cozy. The collection comes in five raised-ink patterns and complementary solids.