These black wallpaper designs will inspire you to cross over to the dark side

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Black Wallpaper Designs That’ll Inspire you to Cross Over to the Dark Side

August 24 2016

In fashion, black is considered a classic choice; a sophisticated neutral that pairs well with nearly anything. When it comes to interior design, on the other hand paint, black is often a bolder option--especially when it comes to paint, wallpaper, and wallcoverings. Yet ultimately, even in large, daring doses on the walls, shades of ebony, ink, and charcoal still manage to bring an air of elegance to a room. The fact that black walls can be both unexpected and daring yet timeless and chic all at once is exactly what we love most about the look and the idea that inspired our latest all-black wallcovering collection, Ebony.

If you’re in search of a bold and beautiful alternative to neutral wall coverings in white and gray, consider black. It’ll bring a richness and depth to your space like few other shades can. To get you feeling inspired to cross over to the dark side, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite black wallpaper and wallcovering designs, below.

Fanfare Wood Veneer in Ebony. The subtle sheen and texture of a wood veneer wallcovering like Fanfare softens up the look of a black wall and adds light reflecting dimension. Use it to create a high-contrast accent wall against a white plush white bed, or as a way to transform a simple powder room into a stylish statement.

Abacadazzle Hand-Woven Abaca Wallcovering in Black. The perfect way to offset a saturated, light-absorbing shade of black is with illuminating, light-reflecting metallics. The Abacadazzle wall covering does both: It’s created with Abaca fibers interwoven with metallic thread for a dazzling, luminous result. Design by Mark Fuller for Sanctum Soho.

Ajiro Chevron in Ebony. For contemporary spaces, the combination of black-hued wood veneer and an of-the-moment herringbone pattern is hard to beat. Another reason to choose it for modern design: the texture of the wallcovering will add warmth to sleek spaces.

maya romanoff black wallcovering

Braided Hemp in Black (Custom color). The artisanal, dimensional quality of our Braided Hemp wallcovering makes black feel especially rich. We love it paired with equally glamorous details like velvet and sheepskin. Or, play off of the earthiness of the design (it’s made with woven hemp and Lotka paper) by pairing it with natural elements like burled wood, hide, and marble.

Weathered Metals in Ebony. The one-of-a-kind organic pattern of our Weathered Metals wallcovering in a statement-making black hue will create an instant focal point in any room. A bonus: metallic pigment gives the paper a shimmering, ethereal quality.

Riverbed in Ebony. Resembling petrified wood, the organic, one-of-a-kind Riverbed pattern incorporates shades of pale gray, which softens the overall impact of black walls.

Ajiro Sunburst Wood Veneer in Gunmetal. For a less saturated, yet equally eye-catching alternative to pure black we love tones of charcoal, like the gunmetal wood veneer wallcovering seen here in the tea room of the St. Regis Hotel in Houston, Texas. Note how the dark wall color makes the bright orange hues in the room pop. Design by Forrest Perkins for St. Regis Dallas.


For more black wallpaper designs, view the entire Ebony collection here. For inspiration from the rest of our collection of handmade wallcoverings, visit our gallery page.