8 Beautiful Places to Use Wallcoverings at Home

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8 Beautiful Places to Use Wallcoverings at Home

September 27 2016

There’s not a room in the house that can’t be transformed with the right wallcovering. Want to make a bold statement in your bedroom? Turn your master bath into a spa-like space? Create an entry that stops visitors in their tracks? Wallcoverings can do all this and more, adding not just color and texture, but style and personality to spots that might have lacked it before.

To prove just how transformative the right wallcovering can be, we scoured our photo archives to come up with these beautiful examples:

In the entry.

Make a lasting first impression on guests and set the scene for the rest of your home with a dramatic wallcovering that exemplifies your style. Beadazzled Leaf Wallcovering, Design by Sara Bliss for the Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis New York.

wallcoverings at home

On the ceiling.

Draw eyes up, and keep them there by forgoing the standard white ceiling for something far more memorable. We love the way our Precious Metals covering looks lining the ceiling in the dining room designed by Christine Tuttle, below.

wallpaper on the ceiling

To make over furniture.

Don’t be fooled by the name … wallcoverings don’t have to stay on the walls. Our collections make beautiful veneers for case goods, coffee tables, and credezas. Here, a table at the Grey restaurant in Savannah designed by Parts & Labor is covered in our Ajiro Chevron wood veneer.

wallcoverings on furniture

To highlight architectural details.

Make your home’s most unique features stand out even more by enveloping them in pattern, color, and texture, like these floor-to-ceiling columns, upholstered in our David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Blanket Yarn & Stich pattern. Design by Dror Benshetrit.

Behind the vanity.

A surefire way to turn your morning routine into a morning ritual: try an uplifting, luminous wallcovering behind the vanity mirror in your bathroom. Mother of Pearl Aphrodite. Design by Clive Christian.

wallpaper in the bathroom

In the closet.

The difference between your average walk-in closet and an elevated, lounge-worthy dressing room is simply a matter of style. We love the glamorous look our Scotch & Soda Silver Lead paper looks in this space designed by Angelica Henry.

wallpaper in the closet

In hallways and staircases.

Since the walls are really the only surface available for decorating in throughways like halls and stairs, why not make the most of them with a bold, graphic veneer? Sunburst wood veneer. Design by Jacob Snavely.

Behind the bed.

A wallcovering behind the bed solifies the visial focal point of the room. In minimalist spaces, we even like using wallcoverings in place of headboards or art. Weathered Walls.

wallpaper behind the bed

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