3 Key Things To Know About Installing Handcrafted Wallcoverings

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3 Key Things To Know About Installing Handcrafted Wallcoverings

January 23 2017

Glenn Giacinto has been installing Maya Romanoff wallcoverings since 1983. He’s installed them in hotels and homes around the country, and as far away as Hong Kong, India, Dubai and Azerbaijan. It’s safe to say that he is one of the world’s foremost experts in putting up our surfacing materials. That also means he’s the one who is most often called upon when our customer service department is contacted about a tricky installation.

Given all that he’s seen in the last quarter-century, we asked Glenn to share the most important things to know about installing our wallcoverings.

The products are handmade.

The beauty of many of our collections is that they're handmade, but that also means that they'll be different that standard wallpaper or wallcoverings. Some of our products come in tiles, while other come in rolls. Some of the products have an exact-matching repeat, while others don't. Either way, says Glenn, it's important to understand how the product will look once it's installed by looking at photos of finished spaces. In other words: “In certain wallcoverings, you will always see the seams,” says Glenn. “We sometimes run into trouble because a client or homeowner doesn’t think you should see the panels, but that’s just the nature of the product." One thing you can always be sure of: The color and pattern will be precisely consistent from panel to panel. Before our products are ever put in a box to be shipped, our quality control team examines every single panel or tile for inconsistencies, and they even pack the tiles based on how they should be hung to ensure a perfect flow (even when seams are visible).

Find an experienced installer.

As we mentioned, Glenn is often the person we call on to help a client with installation challenges. His best tip for a successful installation is to work with an experienced installer. “Most of the showrooms have companies they can recommend,” says Glenn, who also runs a training program for installers.

Not all wallcoverings are right for every area.

Like upholstery or tile, certain wallcoverings are hardwearing and low-maintenance, while others are more delicate and particular. Our products run the gamut, so it's important to choose the right product for the right area, something a knowledgeable sales rep can help determine. Glenn remembers a specific trip to a luxury hotel chain in Macau. It wasn’t a vacation, but a working trip: he was there to help the property figure out how to install one of our wallcoverings in their densely humid climate. Humidity, he says, is one of the major challenges when it comes to installation. “That doesn’t mean you can’t use wallcoverings in humid areas, you just need to control the environment indoors for temperature and humidity,” he advises.

Do you have more questions about where and how to install our wallcoverings? Our customer service team is happy to help, and can be reached at customerservice@mayaromanoff.com or 1-773-465-6909.